Tuesday, September 2, 2008

top 10 of mondays bumbershoot 2008

Photo Christopher Nelson

Bubmbershoot was spectacular! The festival is a big saturated ball of good times pinned underneath the grand needle of space. Almost too much to take while trying to admire some of the worlds best art forms. From music, to graphic design, to food, to comedy, to short films, bumbershoot has it all, there is not another thing I could have asked for. You just can't beat the location/atmosphere.
Now my top ten of my experiance.

10. Humans - Its just cool to know how much the human race has evolved to bring on an event like that. Everything from the architecture to the events, just blows my mind. Pat yourself on the back human race, you deserve it!
9. Food/smell of it
8. People watching - people dancing, laughing, talking, looking good, looking weird, and especially being inebriated.
7. The vert ramp - Seeing any extreme sport just tickles my fancy.
6. Some unknown band that played - Two guys, one on drums, and the other played slide guitar, bongos i think, 3 didgeridoos, and sang.
5. Flatstock - The art gallery of band posters/t-shirts. I wanted it all. Very inspiring work.
4. Sparks at Death cab for cutie - Death cab rocked the shit as always. Love their new album, especially Grapevine Fires, that song gets me every time. Anyways, they put on a basic show effects wise (lights, smoke) until the last song of their set. Right when they started to sing the chorus a mondo 30 ft. wall of sparks came pouring down behind them for like 30 seconds, then the rest of the song the smoke washed over the crowd. Great way to end the set, plus it smelled like 4th of july!
3. Myspace show - It is a comedy show based on people myspace's. There are 6 comedians, one of them picks a person from the audience that they think will have and interesting myspace, brings them onstage and views their myspace on a huge screen in front of the audience and interviews them. Then after they almost humiliate the person they let him go back to his seat and all the comedians (who haven't been talking to each other) do a comedy improv sketch about funny things about the person. fucking genius. I haven't seen something that funny in awhile. Makes me want to do improv.
2. Night life- After the sun sets the night lights up. The arches of the pacific science center are amazing! Sidewalks, space needle, the fountain, and stages were all lite up. Even though the vendors and the beer gardens shut down it was great to walk around in the gorgeous ambiance.
1. Friends - The experience just wouldn't be the same if you didn't have someone to share it with. This year I went with my older brother, met a friend there, and also met some strangers. Thanks for goin!
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