Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Art: New Rambling: Comedy of Generation Y

It is about new comedy coming out, or about how comedy has evolved due to generation Y. I've been watching and enjoying how comedy has been evolving. I read Steve Martin's book 'Born Standing Up'. He talks about how stand up was just being born, there were no stand up venues, pretty much if you wanted to have a job in the comedy business it was through tv or film. Through his life, stand up became more main stream and he is now known for being one of the god fathers of stand up. He is also known for his sketch comedy on Saturday Night Live which the show has given the spot light to many talented comedians. So what happened was that he was Talented + Saturday Night Live (large media) = Seen by millions.
Which brings me to my point, in the present because of the boom/drop of price of technology anyone can be Seen by millions. You don't need to move to hollywood, take acting lessons, or brown nose "the man" or any man. All you need is a camera and a solid internet connection which is becoming insanely easy to find. I love how comedians of my age are using this tool, such as Nick Swardson (my hero). He is mostly known for his stand up, but on the side hes has made some great short films with some of his friends just for the hell of it. Remember when you did that when you were a kid? But see, the only difference from then an now is the audience. When you made a short film (or made anything) the only audience you had where the people around you. Now it is anyone, virtually anyone you will ever meet ever(!) could potentially see your work.
So this evolution has re-energized me. Im going to keep doing my thang and stop worrying about "getting out there", I mean I do realize that at some point I do need to interact with humans in my career, but at least I don't need to force it. The internet has become a great tool to sift out all the bullshit of finding someone to notice you, and in turn lets you focus more on your work. And I know on the flip side to all of this there will be millions of other people slapping their work (or garbage) all over internet, and I know that sounds intimidating but all you have to do is just say 'fuck em', and make better stuff, and more of it. simple as that.

G night
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