Friday, November 7, 2008

Human DeEvolution: top 5 TV shows

Wow TV has gone down the shitter, and here is my top 5 examples of humans DeEvolving via Television shows.

5. Time Warp/Destroyed in Seconds/ Smash Lab (Discovery channel) - I don't know how Discovery channel has done this, but they have seemed to find a loop hole by taking the same concept and making 3 shows out of it. You literally shut your brain off and stare at the tv mubling "oh that was did you see that thing blow up....whoa look at that thing blow up... jeez that thing sure did blow up.... wheres my dad-gum cheetos". I just want to say, wtf Discovery, I use to hate you because you made me smatter, now I just hate you.
4. Hole in the wall (FOX) - This show was based of the Japanese tv show Human Tetris which became popular by youtube. Its hard to explain without seeing it, but basically a wall with funny shapes cut out of it moves towards a person(s) and they have to make it through the cutouts or they will be pushed into water (or if I was the producer the water would be replaced with dirty siringes, like in saw 2, ausome!) So not only did Fox rip off another tv show, they ripped of a completly fucking retarded ass tv show, from japan, what kind of BS is that Amurhica!
3. Human wreaking ball (G4) - This show features two meatheads breakin shit, need I say more?
2. Wipeout (ABC) - This show features people getting breaked by shit. People try to run through obstacle courses in the fastest times. Just a bunch of adverage joes getting clobbered over and over, one after another. It takes less than the average attention span before you watch Kathy form Hawaii torque her back in ways you never thought possible.
1. Anything on CMT other than the music - This is the mother load of fu@king dumb shit on television. Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling, Country Fried Planet, Trick My Trucker, I Want to Look Like a High School Cheerleader Again, My Big Redneck Wedding, Redneck Dreams, AND THE LIST GOES ON! I am not making this up people. Hey CMT, stick to the music cuz aint nobuddy want to watch what a redneck does on his spare time.

Its sad to say, but its not going to be long till TV is like this

This clip is taken from the movie Idiocracy, which was written and directed by Mike Judge (who also made King of the Hill and Office Space). The movie was ok but worth the watch just because it has a great depiction of how humans have deevolved in the future. Its like the H.G. Well's Time machine of today.

And that is it. Hope you liked my list, and may god help us all... find our remotes.
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