Wednesday, November 12, 2008

RIP Edward McMichael aka "Tuba man"

I just learned that Tuba Man (Edward McMichael) from Seattle died the other day. It said that he died days after being kicked in the face by a group of teens. If you did not know Tuba man, he was known for hanging outside Quest and Safeco field jamming out on his tuba. Above is a video that I had on my phone of Tuba Man playing "My Sharona" outside of a Foo Fighters concert at the Key Arena. I wish it was a better demonstration of his talents, but this is all I have. He was a good man. I have lost faith in this world knowing that there are people that can do such a horrible thing to such a giving person. He didn't do anything wrong, just gave the beautiful gift of song. RIP your presence will always be remembered in my mind.
HERE is the story in Seattle Times
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