Thursday, March 5, 2009

PROJECT: skateboards and apparel

PROJECT is a design team from the University of Oregon
"its not really about skateboarding, specifically, but about the time and space that skateboarding has always invited for art and design to play and exist together. I have taken 8 people who understand the power and responsibility of the image, and directed them to design and develop a skate deck and apparel company. Together we built an idea in to a reality. Our idea is called PROJECT, a fairly ambiguous name except for its obvious definition of our task; Conceive, design, fabricate, deliver. Within this company are 7 lines of goods, none of which isn't frosted with irony, humor and beauty.

Skateboards as vehicles for art has bred a culture of collectors that goes way beyond the participants in the actual act of skating. Collecting skate decks and t-shirts is a studied and conscious act of the visually aware. One of art's many functions is certainly to motivate the question of its validity. We contend that, in fact, image is image. An image's strength resides in it meaning first and foremost, whether its in the Guggenheim Museum, the bottom of a skateboard deck or on the t-shirt you wear."
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