Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Samsung Omnia i8910 HD

I was about to get the Samsung Omnia i900 until I saw this!

(check out more video reviews at MegaWhatTv. He makes great videos. All cutting edge technology from the UK before it is released to the states)
Here are more specs on the phone
Here is some raw 720p HD test footage from the 8 mega pixel camera phone.
The phone has no specific release date but will be coming out sometime 2009

Also check this other phone out below. The Samsung I7410 mobile phone with built in projector

NUTS! Pretty sweet! But lets be real, America won't be seeing something like this in the market till next year MAYBE if Korean is just getting it, and I am sure the price will be just dandy.

But my prediction of future technology. Take the mobile phone with the projector (like above) but also having a built in Inferred camera (like in the Wii-motes) and incorporate the multi-touch projector from here, and combine them to make a Multi-Touch Projector Mobile Phone! How rad would that be! PATENT PENDING
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