Tuesday, October 13, 2009

DIY Project and eating good food

The DIY project was to build Cold Frames for Fall gardening. We built them for an assignment in my class called 'Your Lifestyle Your Design' with professor John Park at the University of Oregon.
We started the day by going to Bring Recycle in Eugene to pick up some recycled materials to build an inexpensive cold frame.
We built the frames using old wood and an old single pane window.

This was a side DIY project Zach was working on. He wanted to build a cover for this organ he was restoring.

TEA TIME! We took a break to enjoy some tea.

Here is one of the boxes half way done. As you can see the top is slanted, this way it can be angled to the south to absorb the most sunlight.

Here it is completed. All it needs now is some hinges.

After that project, the group went out to John's property to build a fire pit.

Here is the fire pit finished. We lined the pit with rocks and used oven racks to cook on.


People in the group brought some great food to cook over the fire. We had stew, spaghetti, roasted vegetables, fire-cooked bread, and even some brownie pumpkin pie for desert. It was a good time. We cooked, we ate, we laughed, we cried (not really).

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