Sunday, January 17, 2010

Adidas you have no respect -- Adidas commercial reedited

This commercial makes me so mad.
Adidas you are a shoe company, sell shoes. Your slogan is "Celebrate Originality". You could never have half the originallity of Daft Punk, Snoop Dogg, or George Lucas. Your marketing team is so stupid. You stick a few random popular teenage trends in a commercial and think it will make me want to buy shoes. Daft Punk, Snoop Dogg, or Starwars has as much to do with shoes as Dr.Dre does with Dr.Pepper.
Plus the urban-style-break-dancing-on-cardboard is just so played out it is ridiculous.
Question: Adidas, isn't originality about being original and being yourself? Then why do you have to ride of the coattails of others success. This commercial shows the exact opposite of what you think you are doing. Unoriginality
I don't know why I am so mad about this. I think I am just pissed about how much originality and time it took George Lucus, Daft Punk, and Snoop Dogg to create something that the world has never seen or heard before... then have it be torn apart by some fucking shoe company. I just hate to see the companies who won't leave a good thing alone, they try to soak up every last dollar they can. They can't just let a good thing be a good thing.
Adidas, you take material and wrap it around peoples feet. If you want to design your shoes based on the movie Star Wars then say it like "New shoes based on John Mollo's costume design from the movie Star Wars" then do a fucking collaboration with John Mollo. That would be tight. If you have Snoop dogg in your commercial do a collaboration and have Snoop design a shoe. Then do the same with Daft Punk. But putting the random iconic images and characters from pop culture and stamping your logo on it like it is some how related is...a fucking joke. If the commercial is for Star Wars and Adidas then why the hell is Snoop and Daft Punk in it? Did they make the song in the commercial? (I highly doubt it, because I'm sure they probably have better things to do than make a cheesy Star Wars remix. And thats another thing, how dare they make some urbanized remixed version of the Star Wars song. John Williams is a god. Its like remixing Bach or Mozart, it's a timeless classic that should never be tampered with.)
I was surprised Vadar didn't pull out a piece of cardboard and start doing the windmill at the end of the commercial.
Adidas, you could have saved a lot of money and just let me make it for you. Check out my version below.
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