Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Camper.com -- Dope shoes

My friend turned me on to Camper.com. They have great quality shoes. Adverage price is about $110, but these shoes will probably last you through 2 pairs of those nikes you got, and still stay comfortable. Below are some of their styles I like

MARUO - These look interesting... in a good way

PEU - Urban/Classic design
LOCUS - A straight high-top classic. Clean leather lookBROTHERS - This is a grown man shoe. Great color and shape. Good leather finish.

*PERSONAL FAVORITE* PELOTAS - These would go great with shorts, jeans, or maybe even a casual formal event. Black leather on a casual shoe?! Dope! I might have to get these.

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Cool Daddy O said...

I took a look at their website and I like their slip-ons.

etniesshoesuk said...

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Eric said...

Nice cool designs..