Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Burt's Bees Natural -- My new cologne

Yes that's what I said "Burt's Bees has a cologne?!". I was at a Market of Choice drifting up and down the aisles on a regular Sunday evening when what did my wandering eyes did appear but a tester bottle for a "Natural Cologne". So I took a whiff. It smelled amazing. "Fresh citrus oils of Lemon and Orange and energizing Bergamot are enveloped in the warm, spicy depth of Cypress and Fir". Its a woodsy manly like sent, but not overly manly like "Hey I'm all sweaty from chopping up a cord of cedar". Its more like "hey I just chopped some wood. Now come on baby light my fire". That's the best way I can describe the scent. So I went online and bought a bottle. So if you see me around, go ahead and give me a whiff (no, don't do that, that's weird. I mean you can if you want, just make sure I don't catch you).
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Trevor said...

Im still going to stick with sex panther

Bryson J Michael said...

yes. ALWAYS apply a base coat of sex panther first before (if at all) applying any other cologne.