Monday, April 12, 2010

Passion Pit/Mayer Hawthorne/Bear Hands Concert Recap

I had a superb time at the concert on Saturday. Bear Hands was a great opening band. Passion Pit was also great live. They have great performance skills, they sounded as good as on their album if not better, which I was surprised because the lead singer has such a high voice.
BUT what I really want to get to was the second band of the night Mayer Hawthorne. THIS BAND FUCKING ROCKED IT. They had such a classic sound. Watch the video below to know what I'm talking about. Man I had the best time watching them. I am not that big of a dancer at live shows, mostly because I am usually one of the tallest guys in the concert and I have no idea how to properly move my gangly appendages to any sort of musical rhythm, but when this band came on whoooweee I didn't care, they hit some sort of chord inside of me because I was vibeing all over the place! That soul music just gets to me. But this band wasn't just soul, they laid down some great love makin' music, but they also had some great dance tunes that just got the crowd movin'. I would love to see these guys again for sure!
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