Monday, December 20, 2010

Shanoah -- Charcoal Pastels drawing of my friends cat

I haven't dabbled in the fine arts for over a year so I decided to dust off the charcoal pastels to make a portrait of a cat for my friends.
The story: Last time I was in Italy I was staying at a friends friends house in Trani (yes that is the name of the city). We stayed with them for a few days as they showed us a fantastic time, really good people. So when we decided to leave we packed up all our stuff and made for the train station. Well when we got to the station I realized that I didn't have my $400 eurorail pass. We went back to their house and stripped the place in search for the pass, but we couldn't find it. I lost my $400 pass, which was a huge chunk of my budget for the trip. Luckily the family let us stay at their place a few more days so we could figure out a new plan for the trip. One of the nights we were all hanging out in the living room and I started to draw with their art supplies. I drew a wine bottle and an apple. The next day we were all in the living room again and the dad walks up to me and says "Hey since you lost your train pass we were wondering if you would make us some art and we will pay you for a new pass". I was astonished and initially I said "No I can't do that, that would be too much", but he said "Actually hold on let me see if it's alright with my wife to give you the money". He walks into the other room and 5 seconds later comes back with an envelope and plops it on my lap "There ya go". I was blown away. This family let us stay in their house, eat their food, they took us around the area, for nothing in return. Then they give me 400 euros. A great family, truly generous, the definition of good will toward men, the world needs more people like them.
So I made this picture for them. It is their cat Shanoah. One of the coolest cats I've ever met, huge chill cat.
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