Thursday, May 19, 2011 - Got a pair of custom hand made jeans for $41

I've always had freakish dimensions and had to struggle with clothes that fit me. I always thought that tailored clothes would be expensive. But that has changed. I picked the type of jeans, gave them my dimensions, and 20 days later I got my perfect fitting jeans. Just got my pair in the mail today and I don't have to put on a belt! I'm running them through the washer right now so hopefully they don't shrink too much. This is cool. I am satisfied with
They also have custom tailored jackets, shirts, and more. $120 for a custom made Pure Napa Sheep Skin Soft leather jacket with 34 different leather colors and 7 different lining options. What?!?! I am going to put that on my wish list for sure.
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